ADR BTR Advanced Machine Interface (AMI) Series
The ultimate universal Behind the Tape Reader (BTR) adapter.
Want to make your Allen Bradley 7300 come alive?
Run larger jobs, eliminate wasted operator time?
Put your Allen Bradley 7300 online, load files with just the touch of a button!
Allen Bradley 7300 Controls
with Remex Compatible Tape Reader
    Installation kit
  • AMI with 128K memory ADR PN 100001-128
    Download part programs without worrying about lost data.
  • No Reader Adapter Required - AMI is directly plug compatible We provide the interface for quick, easy connection - replacing the reader.
  • Adapter, Allen Bradley 73xx puncher cable ADR PN 360918
    Save your programs stored in CNC memory via our cable - using CNC punch output.
  • DC Power supply ADR PN 100095
    The AMI uses a tiny amount of power.
  • Cable, RS232 PC to AMI,w DB25 to DB9 adapter ADR PN 330200 Our proven connectivity with all PC and software for high-speed communication saves you time and increases productivity.
  • CD ROM ADR PN 430001
    AMI Setup Terminal Emulator program. FREE SOFTWARE!
  • Manual, AMI ADR PN 100100
    Our product is fully documented in AMI Hardware Technical Reference (70 pages). We want you to know how it works so you can get the maximum benefit from it.
  • Velcro mounting strips, for quick installation.
    Installers tell us that velcro is the best way to mount the AMI inside the CNC cabinet.
  • Application Note: "AMI Installation, Allen Bradley 7300 CNC with Remex type reader"
    Our application notes contains specific information on how to operate the control:
    - how to load executive tapes
    - how to punch out the contents of the controls memory
    - how to command the control to read part programs from the AMI.
  • Price $1485 - order kit ADR PN AB7300 cable code N-C
  • Level of installation: Moderate complexity.
    Note:Installation of Parallel devices via UCI/UCQ card


* ATerm (shown above)
ADR PN 201000

* 512K RAM
ADR PN 100001-512

* 2M RAM
ADR PN 100001-2M

* LED Panel
ADR PN 201003


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