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The World's Best BTR
*** NEW *** ALL BTRs have 2 Megabyte memory
and 3 Year Warranty.

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ADR's Behind the Tape Reader (BTR) adapter is the ONLY way to connect older NC or CNC to your network of factory PCs.
    ADR BTR - The hands down Winner!
  • All major DNC software providers use the ADR BTR.
  • ADR has thousands of satisfied customers.
  • The truly universal BTR.
  • BTR Specification: page 1 page 2
  • DNC Concepts and DNC Faq
BTRs & DNC Systems
Advanced Digital Research, Inc. is a leading supplier of DNC solutions. Including BTRs and DNC devices.
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NEW! Floppy Disk Emulators Replace your floppy drives before they fail!
  • Files from your PC are available at your CNC via its floppy disk interface
  • We support all floppy disk drive types - Configurable Encoding,and configurable FAT Support
  • Your PC connects to the Floppy Emulator via USB or Ethernet Network interface.
Network Version
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USB Version
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